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Spirit (2012)

Carnival of Words 2012

COW 2012 Sprit logo


At our 2012 event we celebrated the imaginative and creative spirit of writers and poets. In the past artistic types looking to devote time to their passion would gather in bohemian places such as New York’s Greenwich Village and London’s Soho. On the Gold Coast we had the vintage ambience of The Swinging Safari in Surfers Paradise. We had a wonderfully eclectic mix of authors, poets and documentary makers.

Collage 1

Top Row – Left to right: Jeff Licence, Peter Watt & Linda Henderson

Bottom Row – Left to right: Nerida Marshall, Dee Dee McCarthy, Andrea Kwast & Monette Lee

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Collage 2Top row – Left to right: Kristine Matheson, Kerri Yarsley & Louise Moriarty

Bottom row – Left to right: Laurie Smith, John Burnes & Nicola Hamilton

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Collage 3Left to right: Craig Ingham, Lynne Dalrymple, Laurie Barton & Andrea Kwast

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