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Editorial Services

Editorial Services

It is our Mission Statement to work with you to make your book the best it can be.

While the options of publishing books through Create Space and Amazon are a great boost for authors, it is still extremely important to have your work professionally edited.  No one wants the embarrassment of publishing a terrific book only to then see the mistakes and typo’s you missed.

If you prefer to try the mainstream publishing houses first, then we offer you extra services as outlined below to ensure your manuscript and presentation look polished and professional.

Before you head down the editing road you might like to first book a $40 Preliminary Session with Nerida to discuss your  manuscript.  Nerida will peruse your first three chapters sent to us via email. She will be looking for any occurring mistakes often made by first time authors such as punctuation, sentence structure and grammar that can be corrected by you at home. Any problems that you can fix yourself will be written in a report and emailed sent to you. Your three chapters will then be deleted from our system.

This added service can save you hundreds of dollars in unnecessary editing time.  To our knowledge no other editing service offer writers this opportunity.

Editing Includes: Grammar, Punctuation, Paragraphing, Dialogue, Sentence Structure, Chapter Structure, Formatting and Font.

Extras Include: Publisher recommendation, Publisher Query Letter, Synopsis, Professional Manuscript Presentation, Create a Personal Author’s Biography.

NOTE photo books, children’s books and comic style books have a number of issues to cover that do not arise in a straight forward print book. To give you the best service for the best price we will offer you a Price On Application only. Just contact us and we can take it from there.

Word Count $
Preliminary Session (optional) $40
Children’s Books, Photo Books or Comics POA
1-50,00 words $495
Plus Extras $695
50,000-100,000 $795
Plus Extras $995
100,000-150,000 $1195
Plus Extras $1395
>150,000 POA

We would be happy to talk with you about a payment plan.

Developmental Editing

The Craft and Art
A developmental editor works on the big picture of organization and content issues sometimes before a manuscript is written.  Developmental editors offer specific suggestions about the intentions and goals of the book, the underlying premise, the story, character development, use of dialogue and sensory description, narrative voice, pacing, style and language.  In a sentence, it is ‘The Craft and Literary Art’ of a manuscript.  What they do not do is correct spelling and grammar.  That is the job of a copy-editor, who works later in the publishing process.

Author: Curriculum Vitae or Biography

Who Are You?
You need three well-crafted versions of your CV or bio (Note – an author’s bio is not your life story).  A longer CV for your website, media kit and back cover of your book. A shorter one for guest speaker spots, and shorter marketing material; and a brief by-line for limited character social media and short-on-time opportunities like cocktail parties, networking events and chance meetings with publishers, advertisers other authors.


Where the Buck Stops
This is the final process before publication.  A proof reader checks that copyediting changes of text, art and page layout have been properly made and no new errors were created in the process.

Speciality Services

Book Doctoring

This is a great service for small businesses to put their own book onto their own website to promote their own product or service.  It is also for someone with an expertise in something such as accounting, fencing, cake decorating, surfing or anything you can imagine.  We work with you to create a manuscript outlining the important points to be covered and you provide the relevant information and photos.  We turn it into a publishable book, e-book, audio book and/or print-on-demand book.  It won’t cost you a fortune and it is a terrific promotional tool!

If you have a manuscript or just have an idea at the moment and you don’t know what to do next we offer you a FREE absolutely no obligation consultation. Just outline your concerns in the Contact Us box and Nerida will take it from there.